Oak butchers block

Oak butchers block


Wood type: Oak

CHARACTER : Cracks and splits (black resin filled) bags of figuring and medullary ray’s

USE: bbq, roasts presentation and big feast one eye catching centre piece


HEART- Browns and yellow

SAP- beige and yellow

SIZE (CM) - 65x55x7

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Care Instructions.

Clean your board in warm soapy water then dry with a tea towel or leaver standing up on a drainer. Do not put the board in the dishwasher or leave soaking, try not to leave the board in direct sun light. Once dry apply oil to all sides, allow to soak in over night again standing up. Use olive oil, mineral oil ,beeswax or a mix of them to keep your wood looking fresh

Use the board on both sides to help prevent warping. Due to the nature of these single piece boards an amount of warping may occur .

Know What Your Buying

i produce boards, bowls, cheese/bread boards and center pieces from single piece slabs of wood. i specifically pick wood with as much character and grain as possible. This normally (but not always) means the boards will have cracks or slits , knots and inclusion and other features that give them individuality and beauty. If this isn’t something you like please email us before buying so we can either fill the cracks and slits with resin or make a similar style board from some different stock. Chopping blocks are planed to be flat but some bread and cheese boards dont always get this treatment to not take away the natural rustic feel of the product. This will be stated in the character section of the item if its not been flattened.