Spalted coffee table
Wood with character that others reject
its all about the wood we use!

Saun is a dorset based company that is passionate about wood. We explore design using often rejected pieces of wood thats full of inclusions knots and cracks, to then create a stablized product that highlights its character. This process of stablizing is at the heart of our design concepts be it wooden or metal stitches or the colour of the resin used to fill voids. Whatever we decide its the focal point of the piece and not hiden away.
Mixing materials and the contrast between them is also important to us be it metal legs or inlayed brass in partnership with the unique wood we use.
Sustainable and from the UK none of the wood we use is imported, we use small local producers and large firms that produce to FSC and Grown in Britain guide lines.

saving the unique from becoming the norm
using wood with figuring and inclusions 
making the unique beautiful


Examples of our work, some are available to buy,  commissions also being taken
please contact us [email protected]
  1. Spalted birch coffee table
  2. Spalted Birch Coffee Table
  3. walnut stitched coffee table
  4. spalted coffee table in store
  5. elm coffee table
  6. unique aluminium and elm coffee table
  7. oak coffee table
  8. detail of oak and walnut coffee table
  9. close up of saun's stitched coffee table
  10. Title 22
  11. london plane table
  12. London plane table u bolt detail
  13. Title 14
  14. Title 15
  15. Title 16
  16. Title 17
  17. Title 18

re-invent and explore 

Saun explores different ways to join and stabilize interesting timbers. 
celebrating contrasts of materials and techiques 

Join us at the dorset farmers markets around the county 
Poundbury, Queen Mother’s Square                      First Saturday of each month 9am to 1pm             
Shaftesbury, Town Hall                                                 First Saturday of each month 9am to 1pm             
Bridport, Arts Centre                                                      Second Saturday of each month 9am to 1pm      
Sherborne, Cheap Street                                             Third Friday of each month 9am to 1pm                 
Wimborne, The Square                                                 Third Saturday of each month 9am to 1pm           
Dorchester, South Street                                             Fourth Saturday of each month 9am to 4pm        
kitchen worktops 
chopping boards
kitchen wares (coming soon)
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